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At Vertical Drones, we pride ourselves on offering a unique and unparalleled drone service experience, thanks to our diverse and rich work history. The founder, who left school in 1988, has an impressive background, spanning a wide range of industries, giving us the competitive edge needed to cater to clients across various sectors.

Growing up in the Blue Mountains, the founder embarked on a long career in varied and diversified industries, starting as an apprentice carpenter. While learning carpentry at TAFE, he was fixing, fabricating, and glazing high-rise buildings across NSW. This hands-on experience in construction and maintenance laid the foundation for understanding the intricacies of these industries.

The military, construction, and mining aspects of the founder’s career have played a crucial role in shaping the values and expertise offered by Vertical Drones. Serving in the Australian Defence Force as a Storeman in the Navy, the founder gained invaluable skills in discipline, adaptability, teamwork, and a strong work ethic. This military experience also led to training and serving as an In-Charge (I/C) of Fire Team, helicopter landing party, Initial Attack, toxic gas, fire, and emergency response, which enhanced their leadership and crisis management skills.

Our drones are equipped with state of the art lidar
and surveying equipment

With a decades-long passion for drones, a love for cameras and capturing beautiful images, and a lifelong enjoyment of kite flying, the founder’s journey has been shaped by both personal interests and professional expertise.

The advent of drone technology allowed the founder to combine his life’s experience with his life’s passions, culminating in the creation of Vertical Drones.

In the construction and mining industries, the founder has been deeply involved in heavy machinery and earthmoving operations across Australian mines and construction sites. The founder has worked with some of the biggest names in construction and mining, as well as smaller quarries and businesses, becoming well-rounded in heavy industry practices and concerns. Leading and managing large crews, the founder has developed a profound understanding of safety, efficiency, and innovation. This wealth of experience has also honed their ability to adapt to changing routines and systems, which is vital for delivering exceptional drone services tailored to the unique needs of clients in these industries.

Now, as the driving force behind Vertical Drones, the founder leverages this wealth of knowledge, hands-on expertise, and personal passion to deliver exceptional drone services. By understanding the intricacies of various industries and focusing that industry knowledge into better perspectives and outcomes, Vertical Drones can better assess data and provide valuable insights tailored to each client’s unique needs. Moreover, our experience allows us to help you answer the questions you haven’t thought to ask yet, ensuring a comprehensive approach to problem-solving.

We are committed to bringing positive results to our clients by searching for and collaborating with other mature and industry-experienced individuals. This approach ensures we create a team with diverse skills and expertise to provide the highest quality services to clients in all sectors of industry.

Choose Vertical Drones for an unparalleled drone service experience, backed by a rich and diverse work history and a founder’s personal passion that sets us apart from the competition. Utilizing our firsthand experience to anticipate your needs and exceed your expectations, we are dedicated to getting your point of view and ensuring successful outcomes for your projects.

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